Ponttor gate

Located in the heart of the city, it stands as a testament to its long and storied past. Built in 1768 by Duke Charles Theodore of Bavaria, this impressive gate was once part of an even larger fortification that surrounded the city.

The Ponttor Gate stands at an impressive height of 25 meters tall and is adorned with two towers on either side. It has been carefully restored throughout its history and today serves as a reminder of Aachen’s rich past. The gate itself consists of two sandstone arches, each measuring 8 meters wide and 3 meters high – making for quite a spectacle when viewed from afar.

One unique feature about Ponttor Gate is that it served both defensive and ceremonial purposes during its lifetime; it was used to protect citizens from potential enemies, while also serving as the entranceway for royal processions into the city centre. This dual-purpose makes it one-of-a-kind among other gates around Europe – many only serve one purpose or another, but not both simultaneously, like Ponttor does.

In addition to being historically significant, Ponttor Gate also boasts some incredible views over Aachen’s old town area, which can be enjoyed from atop either tower or directly beneath them while standing inside the archways themselves. Visitors are able to take picturesque photos here, so they can remember their time spent marvelling at this amazing piece of architecture for evermore.

For those interested in learning more about Aachen’s past, visiting Ponttor Gate should definitely be added to your list of must-sees during your trip there.

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