Rathaus (Town Hall)

Located in the city centre, it has been an integral part of life in Aachen since its construction began in 1330.

Built by Charles IV, who was Holy Roman Emperor at the time, this imposing structure was meant to serve as a symbol of his power and authority over the region. The original building had three stories with two towers on each side, but later renovations added two more floors and four more towers for a total of eight towers surrounding the main entrance.

The interior features several grand rooms adorned with intricate woodwork and stonework details, including galleries filled with frescoes depicting important events from Aachen’s history. On display inside are also some valuable items, such as tapestries from 16th century Flanders and paintings from 18th century Italy.

Rathaus has served many purposes throughout its long history – it once housed government offices; today it serves mainly as an event space for concerts or exhibitions, but still retains much of its historic charm. It is especially popular during Christmas, when visitors can admire its festive decorations while enjoying traditional German delicacies like glühwein or bratwurst at one of the nearby stalls set up outside around this time every year.

In addition to being an architectural marvel, Rathaus is also home to many interesting artefacts that have been found within its walls over the centuries – these include coins dating back to Charlemagne’s reign, as well as various other objects like weapons used during medieval battles fought near Aachen’s city limits.

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