Town Hall Square

It’s known for its stunning architecture, cobbled streets and vibrant culture. One of the most iconic spots in Aix-en-Provence is Town Hall Square, or Place de l’Hôtel de Ville as it’s known locally. This picturesque square has been at the heart of Aix since Roman times, and today it remains one of the main attractions for visitors to this charming city.

The area around Town Hall Square was first developed during Roman times, when a forum was built here by Julius Caesar himself in 49 BC. The area remained an important site throughout medieval times and eventually became home to a market square that served as the centre of commerce for many years until 1745 when it was renovated into what we see today; a large open space surrounded by buildings from different eras including Renaissance palaces, Baroque mansions and modern constructions.

Today, Town Hall Square continues to be an important focal point in Aix with locals gathering here daily to sit on benches under shady trees or take part in events such as concerts or markets which are held regularly throughout the year. On Saturdays, you can find local farmers selling their produce while on Sundays there’s often live music playing from noon till late afternoon – making it one of the best places to enjoy some quality time with friends or family while taking in all that Aix has to offer.

The impressive building dominating Town Hall Square is La Maison du Peuple (People’s House), constructed between 1891 – 1895 by renowned architect Henri Revoil who also designed several other famous landmarks around Provence like Les Deux Garçons café near Cours Mirabeau and Musée Granet nearby Saint Sauveur Cathedral. The building stands out due to its distinctive neoclassical style featuring elegant columns along with detailed sculptures depicting scenes from Ancient Greece – truly making this place stand out among all other squares found across southern France.

Aside from admiring magnificent architecture, visitors can also explore various shops located within walking distance from Town Hall Square, offering souvenirs ranging from traditional Provencal fabrics & pottery items through to modern art pieces created by local artists – perfect if you’re looking for something unique & special as a keepsake after your visit.

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