Milà House

Located in the heart of Barcelona, this renowned building is one of Antoni Gaudí’s most famous works and an architectural masterpiece.

Built between 1906-1912, Milà House was commissioned by Pere Milà i Camps and his wife Roser Segimon. It was Gaudí’s last private residence built before he devoted himself completely to his work on the Sagrada Família. The house is composed of two main sections: the main body, which has five floors with balconies made from wrought iron; and a curved tower that rises up from its center like a giant wedding cake.

The exterior walls are covered with broken pieces of ceramic tiles called trencadís mosaics, giving it an almost kaleidoscopic effect when seen from afar. The interior design also follows Gaudi’s signature style as it features intricate details such as stained-glass windows depicting religious symbols, colourful parabolic arches supported by columns shaped like trees or cactuses, and sculpted figures representing animals found in nature – all hallmarks of his organic architecture style.

Today, visitors can explore both the inside and outside areas of this remarkable structure through guided tours offered by local companies or simply wander around its beautiful gardens filled with exotic plants brought back during travels abroad by Pere Mila himself.

Not only does visiting Milà House offer a chance to admire Gaudi’s genius, but it also provides insight into Barcelona’s history at large since many important events have taken place here over time, including meetings between artists such as Salvador Dalí or Pablo Picasso who were frequent guests at the house.

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