The Nativity Façade

Located on the south side of La Sagrada Família, this stunning façade was designed by renowned architect Antoni Gaudí and completed between 1894 and 1930.

The Nativity Façade depicts scenes from Jesus’ birth, including Mary, Joseph, shepherds, angels, and animals. The design features a combination of Gothic Revival elements with Art Nouveau flourishes—all rendered in intricate stone carvings that are truly breathtaking to behold. It has become an integral part of Barcelona’s skyline since its completion over 100 years ago.

Gaudi used a variety of materials to construct the Nativity Façade, including brickwork, ceramic tiles, glass windows and colourful mosaics that shimmer in sunlight. He also incorporated elements from nature into his designs, such as birds perched atop columns or lizards climbing up walls—each adding to its unique charm.

At the very centre stands a large statue depicting Baby Jesus surrounded by kneeling figures representing those who came to pay homage after His birth: Mary Magdalene; Sts Peter & Paul; John the Baptist; St Joseph; shepherds carrying gifts for the newborn King; angels singing praises above them all… Each figure is carefully crafted with great attention to detail, making it easy for visitors to imagine themselves back at Bethlehem during Christ’s miraculous birth.

Although Gaudi never saw his masterpiece come together due to his untimely death in 1926 (he passed away just four years before it was finished), he left behind an incredible legacy that continues to draw tourists from around the world today – eager admirers wanting to get close enough to see every single intricately carved stone.

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