Chapel and House of the Coimbras [Capela e Casa dos Coimbras]

It consists of two structures: The Chapel and the House. Both are important pieces of architecture from this period and have been carefully preserved to offer visitors an insight into life during medieval times.

The Chapel was built in 1430 by João Afonso de Andrade e Sousa as a private chapel for his family’s use. Its exterior features Gothic-style windows with pointed arches and tracery designs on its walls. Inside, you will find intricate stonework along the walls, including rosette motifs which were popular at this time period. The ceiling is also decorated with various paintings depicting religious scenes such as “Christ Blessing Children” or “St John Baptizing Jesus” among others. There are also several tombs within the chapel where members of the Coimbra family were laid to rest over centuries ago.

The House was constructed next door to the Chapel around 1450 by Diogo Lopes da Fonseca, who wanted it to serve as a residence for his own family, but it eventually became part of the Coimbra estate after he passed away without heirs in 1516. This building consists of two stories with large gothic windows on both floors that overlook a beautiful courtyard garden below them filled with lush vegetation and flowers all year round, making it one of Braga’s most picturesque spots. On top lies an impressive terrace where visitors can enjoy views across town while admiring some stunning sculptures nearby too – these include representations from Portuguese folklore such as “O Gigante” (the giant) or “A Raposa” (the fox).

Today, this landmark serves not only as a reminder of Portugal’s rich history, but also provides locals and tourists alike with an opportunity to explore its beauty first hand through guided tours offered daily throughout the summer months (from June until September).

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