Porta Nova Arch [Arco da Porta Nova]

Built during the reign of King John V (1706-1750), this monumental arch stands at an impressive height of around 25 meters and is one of the most recognizable sights in all of Braga.

The construction process for this magnificent structure began in 1727 and was completed by 1730 under the direction of Italian architect Antonio Carvalho Monteiro. The arch itself was designed to be a triumphal entryway into Braga’s old town center, with its two towers symbolizing both strength and power. It serves as a reminder that even today, Braga remains an important cultural hub within Portugal.

Throughout its history, Porta Nova Arch has seen many renovations and improvements over time. In 1818 it underwent significant changes when it was remodeled according to neoclassical style standards set forth by renowned Portuguese architect Francisco Xavier Fabri who added four additional columns to each side along with decorative elements such as balustrades, cornices and sculptures which can still be admired today from street level or atop one of the nearby hillsides where visitors can get spectacular views across all three levels of arches below them.

In addition to being an iconic landmark within Braga’s cityscape, Porta Nova Arch also plays host to various festivities throughout the year, including religious celebrations like Easter Week or Corpus Christi Day; civic events like Independence Day or Republic Day; cultural festivals such as Festival Internacional de Bandas de Música; musical concerts featuring popular local artists; fireworks displays on special occasions; open air markets held every Saturday morning; traditional dances performances during summer months – just to name few.

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