Terceiros Church [Igreja dos Terceiros]

Built between 1672 and 1788 by order of Frei António da Piedade, this imposing structure stands as testament to its rich history.

The church was built as part of an effort to promote devotion to Our Lady of Mercy (Nossa Senhora das Mercês) among members of the Third Order Franciscan movement. The main façade features two towers that flank a large rose window above three ornate doorways. Inside, visitors are greeted with an impressive interior featuring gilded stucco work on its walls and ceiling, along with several beautiful frescoes depicting scenes from religious stories such as “the Annunciation” by José de Oliveira Bernardes.

On either side of the nave stand two chapels dedicated to Saint Anthony (São António) and Our Lady Of Sorrows (Nossa Senhora das Dores). These chapels are home to some exquisite works, including sculptures by Joaquim Machado de Castro and paintings by Vicente Nunes Leal Junior. The highlight however is undoubtedly a wooden carving attributed to Master Valentim Fernandes, which depicts Jesus Christ carrying his cross during his Passion through Jerusalem’s streets – it is said that this piece dates back all the way back to 1520.

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