Alcaicería “The Great Bazaar”

It was built during the Moorish period and has been a popular tourist destination ever since.

The Alcaicería is often referred to as “The Great Bazaar” due to its size and grandeur. The bazaar features over 300 shops selling everything from jewellery, leather goods, spices, fabrics, carpets, souvenirs and more. Visitors can also find traditional local foods such as tapas or horchata here too.

This bustling marketplace dates back to 889 AD, when it was first established by Moors who used it for trading silk fabrics with merchants from all around Europe. Later on in 1492 after the Reconquista (reconquest) of Spain by Christians, the area became known as La Corrala de los Negros (the Black Market). This name came about because of its reputation for being a centre for illegal activities like smuggling contraband goods into Spain from North Africa at that time.

Today, however, this market has become one of Granada’s most famous attractions – full of life and vibrant colours. Tourists flock here to browse through stalls filled with colourful textiles, while enjoying some delicious Spanish cuisine along the way. There are plenty of restaurants serving up local specialities such as Gazpacho soup or Tortilla Española, which make great accompaniments while shopping through this amazing marketplace.

One thing you must remember when visiting Alcaicería is that bartering is expected, so don’t be afraid to negotiate prices if you want something – it’s part of what makes this place so unique.

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