Bib-Rambla Square

Located at the heart of Granada’s old town, this vibrant square has been around since Moorish times.

Bib-Rambla Square was originally known as ‘Plaza de las Tres Culturas’ (Square of Three Cultures) due to its location in between three cultures – Christian, Jewish, and Muslim. The name changed to Bib-Rambla during the 18th century when King Philip V ordered a statue be built in honour of Don Luis Fernando de Palafox y Melci, Marquis de Pombal. This statue still stands today in the centre of the square surrounded by several other interesting monuments such as a fountain dedicated to Isabella I from 1574 and two sculptures honouring Juan Antonio Cuervo y Valdés who wrote Granada’s anthem.

The square itself is quite large, with plenty of space for visitors to sit down and relax while admiring all that surrounds them – including some lovely cafés where you can enjoy tapas or drinks while taking in views across Granada’s rooftops towards Alhambra Palace on one side or Sierra Nevada Mountains on another side. It’s also worth noting that Bib-Rambla Square is home to many events throughout the year like festivals, concerts or traditional markets selling local products like olives oils or fruits which are popular among locals but also tourists alike.

This lively area within Old Town attracts thousands each day who come here not only for shopping but also sightseeing: there are numerous churches nearby such as San Gil Church which dates back from 14th century; alongside shops selling crafts and souvenirs; art galleries featuring works by famous Spanish painters like Velazquez; plus lots more.

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