Carmen of the Cypresses

Built in the late 15th century by Moorish architects, this stunning building is considered one of the most beautiful examples of Islamic architecture in all of Europe.

Originally constructed as a private residence for prominent families during the Nasrid dynasty (1230-1492), it was later used as an inn and then as a military barracks during Spanish rule. The house has been carefully restored over time to preserve its original beauty and charm. Today it stands proudly on Calle Reyes Catolicos near Plaza Nueva with its distinctive red and white walls and intricate stonework façade that make it stand out from surrounding buildings.

Inside you will find lush gardens filled with cypress trees which lend their name to this iconic landmark – hence ‘Carmen de los Cipreses’ (House of Cypresses). These gardens are said to be some of the oldest surviving Islamic gardens in Europe; they provide an oasis from city life where visitors can relax and enjoy nature while admiring views across Granada’s rooftops towards Alhambra Palace.

As well as being admired for its aesthetic beauty, many people visit Carmen de los Cipreses because it has strong historical significance too: It was here that Queen Isabella I signed her abdication papers in 1504 after ruling Castile for 43 years – making way for her son Charles V to take over power. This momentous event marked the end of Muslim rule in Spain after almost 800 years.

Today, visitors come from far and wide to experience this remarkable piece of history first hand – whether they want to admire its architectural grandeur or simply sit back amongst nature’s beauty within these ancient grounds.

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