Gate of Justice

Located in the heart of Granada, this iconic gate was built in 1548 during the reign of King Philip II and served as one of three entrances to the Alhambra Palace complex.

The Gate of Justice is an impressive feat of architecture with its ornate stone facade, intricate carvings and sculptures depicting scenes from Spanish history. It sits atop a tall tower which overlooks Granada’s old town and provides stunning views over the cityscape below. The gate itself has two large wooden doors that were used to control access into the palace grounds; these have since been replaced by modern steel gates for security purposes.

Historically, this grand gateway held great significance within Granada’s culture due to its role as an entranceway into one of Spain’s most important palaces – home to many kings throughout history. This importance is further highlighted by its location at Plaza de los Aljibes (Square Of The Water Tanks), where it serves as an impressive backdrop for visitors who come to witness events such as religious processions or festivals taking place at this popular square each year.

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