The Alhambra Gardens

Located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, it was built by Moorish kings during their rule over what is now Andalusia from 711 to 1492. The garden’s name translates to “red castle” due to its reddish-brown walls that were built with blocks made from red clay found near Granada.

The Alhambra Gardens are known for their beauty and intricate detail, as well as being a symbol of Islamic civilization in medieval Europe. Visitors can explore several areas throughout the gardens, including courtyards filled with lush greenery, fountains, and pools surrounded by colourful tiles and arches decorated with Arabic calligraphy. There are also many historic buildings within the grounds such as palaces, towers, and fortresses dating back centuries ago.

One of the most popular attractions within The Alhambra Gardens is Generalife – an area dedicated to leisurely pursuits like music, poetry readings and other cultural activities held under shady trees or among flower beds adorned with roses or jasmine blossoms. It has been beautifully preserved since its construction in 1319 AD, and visitors can still enjoy its peaceful atmosphere today while taking in breathtaking views across Granada city below them.

The Alhambra Gardens provide a perfect spot for those looking for some respite from modern life or who want to explore history through nature’s beauty – whether that be admiring stunning architecture or simply strolling along paths lined with orange trees growing ripe fruits ready for picking.

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