Located in the heart of St. Pauli district, this iconic building has been a fixture on the city’s landscape since 1892. It is renowned for its unique architecture, which combines elements of Art Nouveau with traditional German features such as half-timbered walls and gabled roofs.

The station was built under the direction of architect Ernst Heilborn to serve as a hub for local law enforcement activity in what was then an area known for its red-light district and seedy nightlife scene. The building itself was designed to be both imposing yet inviting at the same time – its ornate façade stands out amongst more modern structures nearby, while still providing a sense of safety and security to those passing by or entering it.

Today, Davidwache remains an important symbol of Hamburg’s history and culture; it continues to serve as a police station but also hosts regular events such as concerts, art exhibitions and film screenings throughout the year. It has become something of an unofficial landmark, too – locals often refer to it simply as ‘the Wache’ when talking about their neighbourhood or giving directions around town.

Despite being over 125 years old now, Davidwache still looks just like it did back when it first opened: Its distinctive yellow brickwork façade is unmistakable against the surrounding buildings while inside you can find original furniture from way back when along with some interesting displays that tell stories about crime prevention in Hamburg over time (and even how criminals were pursued through tunnels beneath St Pauli.)

For anyone visiting Hamburg who wants to experience some real local history – not just tourist traps – then they should definitely check out Davidwache.

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