National Archaeological Museum

Established in 1893, it houses an impressive collection of artifacts and artworks spanning thousands of years, from the Paleolithic era to the 19th century.

Located in the city center, this museum offers visitors an opportunity to explore some of Portugal’s most important archaeological sites and artifacts. Inside its walls are numerous galleries containing collections ranging from Roman coins to pottery fragments, as well as sculptures from different periods throughout Portuguese history. The museum also features interactive exhibits that guide visitors through each period with detailed explanations and illustrations.

One highlight at the National Archaeological Museum is its collection of prehistoric artifacts dating back to 10,000 BC. These include tools such as axes and arrowheads used by early humans during their nomadic lifestyle, along with stone carvings depicting animals or religious symbols. Other objects on display range from jewelry made out of shells or ivory to bronze figures representing gods or warriors from various cultures around Europe during Antiquity times (4th century BC – 5th century AD).

In addition to these ancient relics, there’s also a room dedicated solely to Islamic art, which includes intricately decorated ceramics and metalwork pieces crafted between 8th–17th centuries CE by Moorish craftsmen who lived in Iberia prior to Christian Reconquest (Reconquista). In this section, you can admire items like teapots adorned with geometric patterns or colorful tiles featuring floral motifs – all examples showcasing how diverse cultural influences have shaped Portuguese culture over time.

Finally, don’t forget to visit the temporary exhibitions held at this museum throughout the year, where you can learn even more about Portugal’s past through photographs and videos detailing various archaeological projects conducted across the country since late 19th century until present day.

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