Alcazabilla Street

It has been an important part of the city since its foundation and is home to some of its oldest buildings. The street runs from the Calle Larios to the Alcazaba fortress, and it’s one of Malaga’s main attractions for tourists.

The name “Alcazabilla” comes from Arabic meaning “little castle”, referring to the nearby Alcazaba fortress which dates back to Roman times when it was built as a defensive stronghold against invasion. The area around this street was once inhabited by Arabs, who left behind their culture and architecture that can still be seen throughout Malaga today.

The streetscape on Alcazabilla Street consists mostly of old buildings with traditional Andalusian balconies, colourful flowers, cobblestone streets, fountains and quaint cafés where you can sit outside while enjoying typical Spanish dishes like tapas or paella. There are also many shops selling souvenirs such as leather goods, pottery, and jewellery, all made locally in Malaga.

At nighttime this area transforms into a vibrant hub full of life with bars playing live music until late at night attracting locals and visitors alike looking for fun things to do in Malaga after dark. In addition, there are art galleries showcasing local artists work along with small theatres showing plays or films about the history of Andalusia region which will take you back in time through centuries-old stories about love, courage and survival during difficult times past.

Another highlight on Alcazabilla Street is La Plaza de la Merced which used to be an old convent but now has become a square filled with restaurants serving delicious Mediterranean cuisine accompanied by lively flamenco shows throughout summer months providing entertainment for everyone visiting this place. If you’re lucky enough, you might even catch sight of some famous faces here as well; Pablo Picasso himself lived near this plaza before he moved away from his hometown later on in life.

All these wonderful features make Alcazabilla Street one of those places that should not be missed when visiting Malaga – no matter what your interests may be: history buffs will find plenty of fascinating facts about ancient civilizations living here once upon a time; food lovers have opportunity to try out the best regional dishes accompanied by traditional music performances; art connoisseurs get to appreciate beautiful works local painters displayed galleries around…

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