Church of Mercy

Located in the heart of this picturesque Portuguese town, it has been standing since the 16th century and stands as an impressive testament to local history and culture.

Built under King Manuel I between 1510-1520, the Church was originally known as “Igreja de Santa Maria da Misericórdia” (Church of Saint Mary Of Mercy). The building features a beautiful mix of Gothic and Renaissance architectural styles, with some Baroque elements added later on during renovations. Its most distinctive feature is its two bell towers, which are connected by an archway at their base.

Inside, visitors can admire several works from renowned artists such as José Ferreira da Silva, who painted two altarpieces for the main chapel depicting scenes from Jesus’ life. Other highlights include various sculptures, paintings, frescoes, stained-glass windows and intricate tile work that adorn each corner.

The church also houses a museum dedicated to sacred art, where visitors can appreciate many pieces collected over centuries, including chalices made out of silver or gold dating back to 17th century Portugal or even earlier statues crafted by unknown sculptors during medieval times.

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