Lady of Grace Gate

Located in the town of Óbidos, this impressive gate stands as a reminder of the city’s rich history and culture.

Built in the 16th century, this ornate structure was designed by renowned architect Francisco de Arruda. The gate features two towers with an archway between them that is adorned with intricate carvings and sculptures depicting religious figures such as Mary, Jesus Christ, and Saint Sebastian. Above the archway is a statue known as “Our Lady of Grace” or “Nossa Senhora da Graça” which has become synonymous with the gateway itself.

The grandeur of this architectural masterpiece has been preserved throughout its centuries-long existence due to its status as a national monument since 1910. Despite being damaged during World War II bombings, it was restored to its original form using traditional methods and materials from that period—making it one of Portugal’s few remaining examples of medieval military architecture still standing today.

Not only does Our Lady Of Grace Gate offer visitors an up-close look at beautiful artistry from centuries past, but it also serves as an important symbol for locals who have come to revere it over time—especially those living in Óbidos, who consider themselves guardians for their beloved landmark. For example, each year on August 15th (the day when Catholics celebrate Mary’s assumption into heaven), local residents gather around Our Lady Of Grace Gate to pay homage by lighting candles around her feet while singing prayers dedicated to her name—an act which continues to be repeated until the present day.

Whether you are looking for historical sightseeing or simply want to experience some Portuguese culture firsthand, visiting Our Lady Of Grace Gate should be on your list when traveling through Óbidos.

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