Óbidos Castle

Built by King Dinis I between 1282 and 1286, it was originally designed as a fortress to defend against possible Moorish invasions. Today, the castle stands proud as one of Portugal’s most impressive medieval monuments and is a popular tourist attraction for those looking to explore its rich past.

The castle itself consists of two main sections: an inner wall which circles around the heart of the structure and an outer wall that guards the perimeter from attack. The entrance gate is flanked by two imposing towers – built with stone blocks taken from nearby Roman ruins – while several other cylindrical towers dot its walls; each offering spectacular views over Óbidos and beyond. Inside you’ll find cobblestone streets lined with quaint little shops selling traditional wares such as handmade pottery or homemade liqueurs made using local ingredients like oranges or lemons.

Of course, no visit would be complete without taking some time to explore the castle’s many historical artefacts; including a collection of weapons used during times gone by and religious sculptures depicting various saints associated with this area’s Catholic heritage. Visitors can also take part in guided tours offered throughout summer months, where they will learn about how this magnificent building has been used over centuries – from royal residence to military garrison – before finally being transformed into today’s tourist destination in 1939 when it became part of Portugal’s national patrimony system.

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