Óbidos Pillory

It stands proudly at the entrance to the town’s main square and has become a symbol of its rich history. The pillory was built during the 15th century and served as a form of public punishment for criminals or those accused of crimes.

The structure consists of two wooden pillars that are connected by a crossbeam with four arms, which were used to restrain offenders while they were publicly humiliated or punished. This type of punishment was common throughout Europe during this period and provided an effective deterrent against criminal activity in Óbidos. Over time, it became one of the most recognizable landmarks in town, making it a popular tourist attraction today.

In addition to its historical significance, Óbidos Pillory also serves as an important reminder about justice and fairness within society. During medieval times, crime was often dealt with harshly and without due process; however, this pillory still stands as a reminder that justice should be done fairly regardless of social standing or wealth.

Today, visitors can take photos beside this impressive monument while learning more about its fascinating history through guided tours offered by local tour companies or museums such as Museu de Obidense (Museum Of Obidense). There is also an annual festival held each year on August 10th known as “Festa do Pinheiro” (Pine Festival) where locals dress up in traditional costumes and parade around town carrying pinewood poles decorated with ribbons – all in honour of their beloved pillory.

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