Óbidos Swing

Built by local craftsmen using traditional techniques, it stands as a testament to the history and culture of this ancient settlement.

The swing was designed to be both functional and decorative; its intricate structure combines woodworking with ornamental ironwork. It is suspended from four sturdy posts which are connected with heavy chains, giving visitors a sense of security while they swing back and forth at their leisurely pace. The seat itself is made from solid oak planks which have been carefully carved into an elegant shape that fits perfectly within its surroundings.

This unique piece of engineering has become synonymous with Óbidos’ rich cultural heritage; locals proudly refer to it as ‘the gatekeeper’s chair’ due to its strategic position overlooking one of the main entrances into town. Indeed, many people believe that whoever sits upon it will gain access to all kinds of secret knowledge about life in this historic Portuguese settlement.

Although there are no official records detailing when exactly the swing was first constructed, some historical accounts suggest that it dates back as far as 1891 – making it over 125 years old. Over time, various modifications have been made, but these have not detracted from its original charm or purpose: providing locals and tourists alike with a place where they can relax and enjoy views across Óbidos Castle walls or out towards nearby Praia de Foz do Arelho beach.

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