Place des Vosges

Located in the Marais district, it is one of the oldest squares in Paris and was originally built between 1605 and 1612 by King Henry IV.

The square features 36 symmetrical red-brick town houses with slate roofs, each with its own unique style. The buildings are surrounded by arcades on all four sides which provide protection from the elements as well as creating an intimate atmosphere. In addition to these impressive homes, there are two pavilions at either end of the square, which were added later during Louis XIII’s reign (1610-1643).

At the centre of this beautiful square stands a bronze equestrian statue of King Louis XIII – erected in 1825 to commemorate his 400th birthday – surrounded by nine fountains and four flower beds filled with colourful blooms. These gardens offer plenty of opportunities for relaxation and people watching while admiring its historic architecture.

Throughout history, Place des Vosges has had many famous residents including writer Victor Hugo who lived here from 1832 until his death in 1885; Napoleon Bonaparte spent time here when he was exiled after Waterloo; composer Frédéric Chopin performed concerts here during his stay; and even Queen Elizabeth I visited this site on her visit to France in 1572.

Today, Place des Vosges remains popular among tourists and locals alike due to its picturesque beauty and rich cultural heritage.

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