Cathedral square

Located right in the heart of Strasbourg, it is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. The square has been around since medieval times, when it was first used as a marketplace and gathering point for people to socialize and trade goods. It was also home to some important religious buildings, such as St. Stephen’s Cathedral, which dates back to 1277 and remains one of the most prominent structures on Cathedral Square today.

The architecture of Cathedral Square is truly stunning, with its cobblestone streets lined with colourful half-timbered houses that date all the way back to 16th century France. There are also several other historic monuments located around the square, including a statue dedicated to Joan of Arc from 1889; an equestrian statue honouring King Louis XIV from 1729; and an obelisk monument erected by Napoleon I in 1811 commemorating his victory at Austerlitz.

One of the main attractions on Cathedral Square is its famous astronomical clock known as “La Petite France” or Little France Clock because it shows off French timekeeping traditions dating back centuries ago – this clock even predates Big Ben. Every day at noon, there is a procession featuring figures representing kings Charles IV (1316) and Louis IX (1226). This ritual has been taking place since 1571 making it one of Strasbourg’s oldest traditions still observed today.

In addition to these historical landmarks, you can find plenty more things to do while visiting Cathedral Square such as enjoy delicious food at local restaurants like La Maison des Tanneurs or take part in cultural activities like guided tours through nearby museums like Musée de l’Oeuvre Notre Dame Museum which showcases artworks from different periods throughout history including Renaissance paintings and sculptures from Ancient Greece & Rome era among others.

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