l’Esperidió Square

Located in the Gothic Quarter, it has been an important part of Tarragona’s history for centuries.

The square was first built during Roman times as a forum where citizens could gather to discuss politics and everyday issues. Later, during medieval times, it became known as Plaza de la Constitución or Constitution Square due to its importance as a place where people would meet to make decisions on behalf of their community. In 1835, King Ferdinand VII renamed it L’Esperidió Square after his favourite daughter Esperide, who had died at a young age.

Today, L’Esperidió Square is one of the most popular spots in Tarragona, with locals and tourists alike coming here to enjoy its unique atmosphere and take in some stunning views of nearby attractions such as La Rambla Nova Street and Santa Tecla Cathedral. The square features several restaurants offering traditional Catalan cuisine such as paella and tapas, along with cafés serving up delicious coffee drinks from all over Spain. There are also plenty of shops selling souvenirs for visitors to take home with them.

On weekends throughout the year, L’Esperidió hosts various festivals, including music concerts featuring local bands playing everything from flamenco to jazz; art exhibitions showcasing works by local artists; food fairs highlighting regional delicacies; theatrical performances put on by students from nearby universities; and more. Additionally, there are occasional free guided tours available which provide insight into both the historical significance and modern-day charm of this beloved public space.

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