Pallol Square

Located at the foot of Montblanc, it is a popular tourist destination for those wanting to explore this ancient city’s rich past.

The square dates back to Roman times, when it was used as a marketplace by traders coming from all over the Mediterranean region. It has since been home to many important events and monuments throughout its long history, including being part of the defence wall built around Tarragona during medieval times. The current layout of Pallol Square dates back to 18th century when it underwent renovation works that added some neoclassical elements such as fountains and sculptures.

Today, Pallol Square is still an important meeting point for locals and tourists alike, who come here to admire its beauty or simply enjoy some leisure time with friends or family members. Its main attraction is undoubtedly the impressive Fountain de la Font Vella located at its centre, which features two bronze figures representing Hercules fighting against snakes while holding up a large stone bowl filled with water cascading down into four small basins below them. This fountain also serves as a reminder of how much water was once available in this area before modern-day infrastructure took over its supply lines.

Additionally, visitors can find several other interesting sights scattered around Pallol Square such as old houses dating back centuries ago, various statues commemorating famous people from Tarragona’s past like Jaume I el Conqueridor (James I) or Joanot Martorell – author of ‘Tirant lo Blanc’ – and even remnants from Roman walls that were constructed here more than 2000 years ago.

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