The Carmen neighborhood

Located in the heart of Valencia, this historic barrio (neighbourhood) is filled with narrow winding streets, ancient buildings, and picturesque squares. It’s one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Valencia and was once home to many artisans who were attracted by its location near the old Roman wall which surrounded the city.

The Carmen neighbourhood dates back to at least 907 AD, when it was mentioned as “Carmel” in documents from that time period. In 1238, it became an independent municipality within Valencia; however, it eventually merged with Valencia itself during the 16th century. The original name for this area comes from “carmen” which means garden or vineyard due to its agricultural origins as a place where vines were grown for wine production.

Today, visitors can explore some of these historical sites such as La Lonja de la Seda (Silk Exchange), Plaza de la Virgen (Virgin Square), Iglesia de Los Santos Juanes (Church of Saints John), Palacio del Marqués de Dos Aguas (Palace of Marquis Two Waters) and much more. This barrio also features some iconic modern landmarks like City Hall, Central Market, Turia Gardens and even Mestalla Stadium – home to football team Valencia CF.

When you visit The Carmen Neighbourhood you will be immersed into a world full of culture and history but also plenty of shops selling traditional products like ceramic tiles known as ‘Azulejos’ or handmade jewelry made from local materials such as leather or glass beads called ‘Pintaderas’. There are also many restaurants offering delicious Mediterranean cuisine, including seafood paella – a must-try dish while visiting this beautiful corner of Spain.

In conclusion, The Carmen Neighbourhood is an amazing destination for anyone looking to experience authentic Valencian culture without leaving behind all modern amenities.

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