The Post and Telegraph Building

Built in 1887, it was designed by renowned architect Francisco Mora Berenguer and is considered to be one of his most important works. The building features a beautiful façade with intricate stonework, as well as an impressive cupola on top. Inside, visitors will find numerous exhibits about the history of communication technology from the time period when it was built up until today.

The Post and Telegraph Building is located near the Plaza de Toros de Valencia (Valencia Bullring) and stands out among other buildings due to its size and style. It originally served as a post office for sending letters or parcels throughout Spain, but also functioned as a telegraph station where people could communicate over long distances using Morse code. In addition to this, it housed offices for postal workers and even had its own printing press, which printed stamps used throughout Spain at the time.

Today, visitors can explore this historic site by taking part in guided tours offered by local organizations such as Turismo Valenciano or visit independently during opening hours. On these tours, you’ll learn more about how postal services were organized during this era while taking in all the beautiful details inside, such as painted ceilings featuring floral motifs or stained-glass windows that let light into certain rooms within the building itself. Additionally, there are several interactive displays showcasing different types of communication technology from back then including telephones and telegraph machines which have been restored for educational purposes, so tourists can get an idea about how communications worked before modern-day technologies existed.

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