Market Square

Located at the corner of Government and Douglas Streets, Market Square has been a bustling hub for commerce since 1858.

The area was originally part of an old Hudson’s Bay Company trading post called Fort Victoria and it served as a meeting place for local Indigenous people to trade goods with settlers from around the world. The original building stood until 1884 when it was replaced by a brick structure that still stands today.

Nowadays, Market Square is home to over 50 independent shops and restaurants selling everything from locally-made artworks to handcrafted jewelry and gourmet food items. It’s also popular among tourists who flock here for its unique blend of modern amenities set against historic architecture.

At night, Market Square comes alive with street performers entertaining passersby while locals gather around outdoor fire pits or enjoy live music events on select evenings throughout the year. There are also several pubs nearby where visitors can sample some of Victoria’s best craft beers or savor delicious pub fare such as fish & chips or bangers & mash.

In addition to being an important commercial center, Market Square holds great significance in terms of local history and culture; many artifacts found during renovations have helped tell stories about life in 19th century Victoria including coins minted between 1862-1863 which were discovered beneath floorboards dating back to 1888.

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