Parliament Buildings

Located at the corner of Belleville and Government Streets, these impressive structures have been standing since 1892 and remain an iconic symbol of the city’s history and culture.

Originally built as part of a larger plan for public works projects in British Columbia, the Parliament Buildings were designed by Francis Rattenbury. The design was inspired by classical Renaissance architecture with its symmetrical layout and grand portico entrance. It is made up of two wings connected together by a central tower that stands over 100 feet tall.

Inside the building is just as impressive as outside with intricate woodwork throughout and stained glass windows adorning many of its walls. Visitors can take guided tours through both chambers – including the Legislative Chamber where Members of Provincial Parliament debate bills – or explore on their own using audio guides available from reception desks inside each wing.

One unique feature about these buildings is that they are home to some very special guests: more than 200 different species of birds live among them year round. This includes several varieties of swallows which nest beneath the eaves during summer months; visitors often spot them swooping around between sessions in either chamber.

Parliament Buildings also host various events throughout the year such as concerts, lectures, art exhibitions, movie screenings and even yoga classes set against its stunning backdrop (a popular activity amongst locals). Its grounds are open to all visitors who wish to explore this historic space or simply enjoy some peace and quiet away from hustle-and-bustle downtown Victoria streets nearby.

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