Pillar Square

Located in the heart of Zaragoza, this small square has seen many changes over the years yet still remains one of the most popular attractions for tourists visiting Spain’s fifth-largest city.

The origins of Pillar Square date back to Roman times, when it was used as an open-air forum for public gatherings and speeches. This tradition continued during medieval times when it served as an important centre for commerce and politics with merchants trading goods from all around Europe. The plaza also hosted festivals, parades, processions, bullfights and other events throughout history, making it a vibrant hub within Zaragoza’s old town.

Today Pillar Square continues to be a popular spot among locals and visitors alike who come here to admire its architecture or simply enjoy some time outdoors surrounded by historical buildings such as La Seo Cathedral or El Pilar Basilica which are both located nearby. On sunny days, you can find people sitting on benches enjoying their lunch while admiring the views across Plaza del Pilar towards Calle Mayor street with its colourful facades that reflect traditional Spanish style houses.

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